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The controversy on Europa was started when the last Pink Energy Module was destroyed. The parts are scattered across a moon orbiting Jupiter known as Europa. Many years ago, before the creatures of Europa took over, humans had constructed tunnels through the icy surface. Every machine and facility on Europa was powered by the module. The intelligent creatures have rearranged the passages to be very tricky to get through, but you must find a way. The last spring bot was sent to Europa six years ago. It never returned. You are Earths last attempt to recover the module. At the beginning of every mission, you will be briefed on all the info we already know about your location.


Date Version Notes Run or Download
* Storyline errors corrected
* Fixed sound loading lag
* Cursors hidden during game-play
* Fixed collision error in level 6 part 2
- Removed frame-rate warnings
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Gameplay Information

Springer is a 2-dimensional side-scrolling platformer. You control a robot with rocket jets and a spring for a base. In gravity, you cannot fly, but you can launch yourself upward and bounce around using the arrow keys.

The terrain is a simple layout of solid squares. There is also lava, which will claim one of your lives, and propulsion blocks, which will force you to move in the direction they point.

There are four enemies, Cutters, Demons, Alspids, and Shnerps. I named the last one after a nickname I have for my sister, Shelby. Shernps are the worst, and will claim a life. Demons and cutters take only a percentage of your health. Cutters are lifeless knife robots that bounce vertically or horizontally, while demons are their engineers, and move a bit more strategically. Alspids are alien spiders which will chew on you until you die, unless you destroy them first.


In 2009, my second year in middle school, I began writing Springer for a class project. The original version is available on this site as well. Unsatisfied with it, I continued to develop the program beyond the scope of the class, and ended up winning an award for it at the end of the year.


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